The prevention of fire is the number one reason to get your commercial hood system cleaned. Removing build-up of grease from your exhaust system is the best way to prevent kitchen fires which cause hundreds of injuries in the United States each year.

United Hood Cleaning New York City based staff comply with all local fire codes and laws to properly achieve a clean and properly functional hood system. You can expect our hood cleaners to follow the National Fire Protection Association's recommendations for cleaning of commercial hoods by meeting the following

1. All components of the system shall be dismantled, and scraped, prior to pressure washing.

2. All interior ductwork, airflow portion of fans, and hood areas to be left completely free of grease. Fan belts will be checked.

3. All access panels will be open and clean.

4. Areas by hood will be protected and left clean after the job is completed.

5. Stainless steel hoods are to be polished inside and out.

6. Cleaning crew shall have special cleaning wands and nozzles to reach difficult portions of the ductwork.

7. Waste and debris must be captured, and processed according to local waste water by-low.

8. The chemicals used by the company shall be an alkaline base and biodegradable to prevent damage to metal ductwork and USDA approved for food service use.

It is recommended that industrial establishments doing a moderate amount of cooking have their kitchen hoods cleaned every six months. This recommendation increases to every three months if your establishment is open 24 hours, uses wok cooking, charbroiling or cooks in high volume.

We happily serve our commercial hood clients in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut & Upstate New York.