United Hood Cleaning specializes in maintaining clean, properly functioning commercial kitchens. Commercial grease traps are an essential part of a properly working kitchen and of any sanitary sewer system. Made from rust resistant metal, restaurant grease traps are typically located in the floor near slop sinks or in the ground outside.

The main function of grease traps is to prevent the clogging of the municipal waste system from heavy grease. United Hood Cleaning of New York recommends frequent cleaning of grease traps to ensure your sewer system does not become blocked. When should industrial grease traps be cleaned? Two of the easiest indicators are the smell of a backed up sewer and/or the slow draining of sinks. The basic steps to cleaning commercial grease traps are as follows:

1. Vacuum and removal of all grease and grease laden residues.

2. Refill trap with water to test for proper flow.

3. Proper disposal of grease in accordance with EPA regulations.

As with all of the services we offer, United Hood Cleaners New York City staff follow all local health and safety regulations to ensure the proper cleaning and maintenance of your commercial establishments.

Save yourself time and money, don't wait until your commercial establishments sewer system is backed up, call our New York City-based business today and get your grease traps cleaned!