United Hood Cleaning of New York specializes in the deep cleaning of commercial exhaust systems. Every year there is over $100 million dollars in property damage of commercial kitchens in the United States as a direct result of grease fires. If industrial kitchens properly maintained the cleaning of their exhaust grease filter, damage to commercial property could be avoided.

At United Hood Cleaning you can be assured that our trained New York City professional's will meet all local fire and safety codes to help you pass all inspections.

When United Hood Cleaning arrives to clean your kitchen exhaust system the following will be done by manual grease removal and high pressure power washing:

1. Removal of filters-scrape and wash filter frames, plenum walls and fire suppression equipment

2. Wash the interior and exterior of the fan including all fan blades

3. Removal of all grease from the interior surface of ductwork

4. Cleaning of dampers and louvers

5. Replacement of filters

We guarantee our work and uphold strict working regulations to ensure your commercial property remains a safe establishment for your staff and your customers.

Our exhaust grease filter servicing area includes Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut & Upstate New York. Contact our New York City based company today to discuss your Commercial cleaning needs.