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Filtering your kitchen’s air is an important task that requires a professionally-installed filtration unit. However, installing a traditional fan system is not enough these days. With our increased understanding of the dangers of bacteria and its effect on the health, you need to install a genuinely robust system.

That’s where electrostatic precipitators come into play. These incredible devices can be mounted in your kitchen to eliminate a vast majority of contaminants from your kitchen. They are a high-tech system for helping your restaurant stay competitive and healthy.

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FDNY certified kitchen exhaust system cleaning company

FDNY certified kitchen exhaust system cleaning company

We at United Hood Cleaning certified by FDNY to clean any kitchen exhaust system (F-64 / W-64). Commercial Kitchen | Restaurant Hoods | Industrial Hood | Home Hood . All over New York City Area, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx & Staten Island.

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IKECA Certifications

IKECA is a non-profit organization committed to fire prevention and life safety by promoting kitchen exhaust cleaning to a higher standard. Our team Member is “Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist" and can clean any hood in New-York Metro area & world wide.

Why Does Your Kitchen Need One?

While your kitchen may operate fine without an electrostatic precipitator, it can run even more smoothly with one. They serve as an incredible filter that will eliminate contaminants and keep your food safe. As a result, your customers won’t suffer from the kind of temporary food poisoning that can be so troubling and painful.

Even better, these types of filters can save you a lot of money by making it unnecessary to change your kitchen filters regularly. While you will have to replace the metal plate filters in this system, it’ll happen a lot less than with other filtration units. As a result, you will save yourself both time and money by changing your filters less often. 

Does It Protect Your Workers?

Electrostatic PrecipitatorsElectrostatic precipitators are an excellent way to protect your employees and your customers. They use an automatic system to drag dirty air through the metal plate filters and eliminate contaminants. As a result, your employees won’t be breathing dangerous air and suffering from bacterial infections that can severely impact their health.

Just as importantly, your customers won’t end up suffering from food poisoning. This serious problem can cause customers to avoid your restaurant and go somewhere else. It doesn’t matter if they only suffered from this problem one time, as many people have a no-tolerance policy for this issue. Beyond these benefits, these filters also keep your kitchen free from smoke, steam, and dangerous grease buildup.

Will It Increase the Hood Exhaust’s Lifespan?

Another great thing about this type of filtration system is that it will increase your hood’s lifespan. It does this by eliminating all of the contaminants that would otherwise damage your system. For example, the smoke and grease that can build up in your hood will be attracted to the magnetic filters of this system, rather than your hood’s motor.

As a result, a well-maintained electrostatic precipitator can keep a hood exhaust operating well beyond its typical lifespan. By decreasing its need for constant maintenance and boosting its lifespan, a good precipitator will help you save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on repairing or replacing your essential restaurant hoods. 

Interested in This Type of Filter?

If you think that this kind of filter would be great in your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can help you find a model that works well for your needs and install it quickly and efficiently. Our expert technicians have years of experience working with these filters and will get them in your hood with no problem at all. 

Taking that first step on your own can be hard, especially if you don’t feel like you’ve got the money for the installation. But if you call us at (888) 889-3828, you can learn more about the process and the ways it will save you money. We are also willing to work with you to create a payment solution that works for both you and us.

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